Obedience Dog Training

The Beginner Obedience Dog Training Video Course

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About this course

This Gungho Dogs Beginner Obedience Dog Training Video Course covers everything you will need to know to set a solid obedience foundation for your dog, including our Systematic Potty Training.

This course takes you step-by-step through the process of establishing a solid foundation for your relationship with your dog. This training is ideally started when the dog is 6-8 weeks. However, if you have an older dog who needs foundational obedience training this course will be helpful! 

The main content of this course teaches you how to begin training the standard obedience cues that every dog should know. 

Here is a brief overview of the five modules included in this course: 


Module 1: Getting started

We introduce our approach to training and some basic principles and vocabulary. We also go over the training equipment we recommend.  


Module 2: Establish A Foundation

We teach the foundation of how to build trust between you and your dog. We also help you socialize and desensitize your dog to new people, pups, places, and things. 


Module 3: Impolite Behaviors

We teach you how to address unwanted behaviors like chewing, jumping, and barking. 


Module 4: The Beginner Obedience Cues

This is the main content of the course and we teach how to train all the beginner obedience cues. 


Module 5: Finishing Touches

We finish by teaching how to make your training last and set you up to graduate into intermediate obedience training. 


Module 6: Earn Your Money Back

We give you an opportunity to share your experience with others and earn the money back you paid for this course and even more!

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Chapter 1: Module 3 Introduction 1 Lesson