The #1 Solution To EASE Your Frustrations is to Build A SOLID 
Obedience Dog Training Foundation

FREE Jump Start Guide Reveals...

...the best method to ensure your dog’s loyalty to yourself and your family. Proper dog training builds trust. Consistent trust builds loyalty. Loyalty is the highest value you can bring to your dog's life. 

"I know I can count on my dogs and I can teach you to do the same."

- Cody Axthelm

  • Revealed: A balanced relationship based approach to dog training.
  • I build the dog-owner relationship on trust and loyalty.
  • Discover the foundation needed to train an obedient dog. 

This Free Guide will teach you:

All The Tools You "NEED"

You only "NEED" yourself and your pup. However, I share some optional but helpful tools I use in training. 

Establishing A Foundation

Your job is to introduce this puppy to the world. The way in which you do this will dramatically shape the future character of your dog.

Graduated Obedience  Cues

I have a specific graduated order to how I introduce the obedience cues to a dog. Each cue build from previous cues. 

Impolite Behaviors

I share with you my three step approach to dealing with behaviors like jumping, biting, chewing, and whining. 

What others are saying about this Guide:

Cody has used thoughtful, creative ways to making interactions with my puppy successful!

Getting a puppy can be extremely intimidating!

Can I potty train? What if I work? Will they even listen to me?

All reservations I came with into the puppy, trainer, relationship. 

Cody has used thoughtful, creative ways to making interactions with my puppy successful! If you are a beginner like we are, or more advanced in some areas, I guarantee you’ll benefit from the information you read here.

After all, finding harmony with your puppy takes time and knowledge!

Jeremy  T. //  First Time Puppy Owner

Cody Axthelm knows how to train dogs...

First of all the Axthelm Labradors are “top shelf”!! They are absolutely excellent quality dogs. I have admired their dogs and puppies for several years and finally have one— I couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied! Secondly, Cody Axthelm knows how to train dogs—following his methods have built an incredible foundation for our puppy to continue to learn and grow and for our relationship to be built on great technique, strong bonding times, and lots of love and fun! What could be better? I highly recommend Cody’s Training Program and the Axthelm Labradors—they are most excellent!

Sheri W.  //  New Puppy Owner

My adopted dog Grouter came from a farm...

My adopted dog Grouter came from a farm, rarely, if ever on a leash, and with very few boundaries. He struggled walking on the leash and would pull so much. He was inconsistent with basic commands so we went back to basic obedience training with "sit," "down," "go in your crate," etc. All commands included in this training material. He was very food motivated and responded quickly to positive reinforcement through all our lessons. Good eye contact has been one of the most helpful things he's learned. Lately Grouter's been focusing and trying to block out distractions. It has been so rewarding to master the basics and know that adding new commands gets easier each time! 

Kiki L.  //  Adopted Dog Owner

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