Frustration Free Approach To

Potty Training Your Pup

Eliminate Pooping & Peeing Inside

It's terribly frustrating to find your pup's poop and pee where it shouldn't be.

With our proven method to potty training, you will see quick and efficient results like no one has seen before!

Prevent the hassle and headaches of late night clean ups.

Potty training your pup early on is not only going to save you from stress, but it is going to set up a foundation of training for your pup. Having a solid training foundation is highly important to a dog's life and it all starts with how we potty train. 

Don't go through this process alone! 

Gain access to our private community group after purchasing this course. 

We Have The Potty Training Secrets You need. Saving You Time and Frustration.

*All available in this video course!

The Exact Timing

Timing is key when it comes to potty training correctly.  

Avoiding Crate Accidents

Easily tips to avoid having to clean up a mess in the crate. 

Knowing Where To Go

We help you pick three specific locations for your pup, for different specific reasons. 

Avoiding House Accidents

No longer clean up messes in the house. 

The Correct Words To Use

Teaching verbal cues during potty training can be a game changer. 

Graduation Goals

You will know your pup's progress and when they are officially potty trained. 

An untrained dog doesn't know which behaviors are impolite.


"I wish we had this information even before we got a dog!" - Jillian D.

Potty Training NOW is more cost effective than waiting!

The longer a dog goes without proper potty training, the more bad habits exist. The best time to jump-start your potty training is now! Some owners don't invest in potty training and they end up with serious problems. These problems are more expensive to fix when your house and furniture have been damaged or need extensive cleaning. Putting off potty training now will cost you more in the long run when compared to investing today.

Lifetime Access: $87.00 $47.00

Cost Comparison For Potty Training

Paying A Trainer: $950+

This Detailed Video Course:  $47

What customers are saying:

Cody provided us with some incredible coaching...

ROGEL FAMILY  //  New Puppy Owner From Gungho Dogs

We are so thankful for Cody’s wisdom and guidance...

Bringing a puppy into your home can be an overwhelming experience. We are so thankful for Cody’s wisdom and guidance as we navigated this process. As two working professionals, it was essential that Olive have a grasp of basic training and commands. Cody’s passion for training and love for our puppy shined through as we leaned on him for support. As first time puppy owners we would be lost without his guidance! 

SCOTT M.  //  First Time Puppy Owner From Gungho Dogs

I could not believe the progress!

One day at work, I found myself making a snap decision and said “Yes” to the most adorable Labrador puppy, who we named Luna.  Someone in our office had a litter of pups and we all had the opportunity at first dibs, so I grabbed it!  After the initial “yes” the reality set in. I was leaving for four weeks and had never trained a puppy before.  

Enters Cody…..A natural with dogs! It must somehow be in the blood.  Cody was calm, confident and very positive and loving towards Luna.  I left Luna at 2 1/2 months of age for 5 weeks with Cody and his wife Taylor and when I returned I could not believe the progress. Luna would ring a bell to alert us when she needs to head outside, obedience training was established at an early age and she was introduced to water and swimming. I feel that Luna had an amazing start and the early training in life was very beneficial. Thanks Cody- You’re awesome!

VICKI H.  //  New Puppy Owner

Cody Axthelm  //  Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Cody… 

I train family dogs for obedience and hunting. 

My family has been breeding 

AKC Labradors Retrievers for over 36 years

Taking a balanced relationship based approach, I build the dog-owner relationship on trust and loyalty

I know I can count on my dogs and 

I can teach you to do the same.

Cody Axthelm

Join These Happy Dog Owners

Cody has used thoughtful, creative ways to making interactions with my puppy successful!

Getting a puppy can be extremely intimidating!

Can I potty train? What if I work? Will they even listen to me?

All reservations I came with into the puppy, trainer, relationship. 

Cody has used thoughtful, creative ways to making interactions with my puppy successful! If you are a beginner like we are, or more advanced in some areas, I guarantee you’ll benefit from the information you get here.

After all, finding harmony with your puppy takes time and knowledge!

Jeremy  T. //  First Time Puppy Owner From Gungho Dogs

Cody Axthelm knows how to train dogs...

First of all the Axthelm Labradors are “top shelf”!! They are absolutely excellent quality dogs. I have admired their dogs and puppies for several years and finally have one— I couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied! Secondly, Cody Axthelm knows how to train dogs—following his methods have built an incredible foundation for our puppy to continue to learn and grow and for our relationship to be built on great technique, strong bonding times, and lots of love and fun! What could be better? I highly recommend Cody’s Training Program and the Axthelm Labradors—they are most excellent!

Sheri W.  //  New Puppy Owner From Gungho Dogs

Our dog gets compliments all the time...

Katie H.  //  Family Dog With Gungho Dog's Obedience Training

My adopted dog Grouter came from a farm...

My adopted dog Grouter came from a farm, rarely, if ever on a leash, and with very few boundaries. He struggled walking on the leash and would pull so much. He was inconsistent with basic commands so we went back to basic obedience training with "sit," "down," "go in your crate," etc. All commands included in this training material. He was very food motivated and responded quickly to positive reinforcement through all our lessons. Good eye contact has been one of the most helpful things he's learned. Lately Grouter's been focusing and trying to block out distractions. It has been so rewarding to master the basics and know that adding new commands gets easier each time! 

Kiki L.  //  Adopted Dog Owner

You'll be pleased with the results!

Marcos E.  //  New Puppy Owner From Gungho Dogs

The Best Time to Invest In Potty Training Your Pup is Now!

In 1999, 25% of dog owners took their dogs to training classes. Recent studies show less than 5% take their dogs to training classes, but 94% do some sort of dog training at home.

Potty training is a perfect way to introduce your pup to its future home.

Click on the button below, buy this video course and jump start your puppy potty training today!

Lifetime Access: $87.00 $47.00

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Cody Axthelm

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