Gungho Dogs Recommended Products

Elevated Dog Beds 

(Think Place Training)

After testing several elevated dog beds we decided Kuranda Dog Beds are the best! The setup process is simple and the product is strong and durable. They have many options great for your pup. Click the button below to follow our affiliate link to their website. 

Ecollars With Bark Limiters 

(Think Off Leash Training)

The Garmin ecollars are a high quality, durable, and reliable product. We have used both the Garmin Delta Sport Pro and the Garmin Delta Sport XC. They have a variety of functions helpful in conditioning obedience behaviors and working on off-leash obedience.

Prong Collar With Easy Buckle 

(Think Leash Walking)

Katie's Buckles sells prong collars and buckles that make it easy to use. We recommend the 2.25mm size for all dogs. If you have a larger dog get a couple extra prongs to increase the length.

Always use a double sided clip to backup your prong to your dogs flat collar.

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