Basic Obedience Board & Train Program


The board and train program will give your dog consistent professional training and educate yourself on how to better handle your dog. We currently offer obedience training as our only type of board and train program. We will cover the foundations of communication, basic obedience commands, socialization, and other specific areas you want us to work on. We will train your dog as far as we can with the time that we have. During the training period your dog will stay with one of our trainers either at their home or at the Gungho Dogs kennel. Please read the requirements and additional information below before filling out our application form. Once we receive your information we will get back to you with availability. If you read everything on this page and you still have questions, give us a call at 509 866 6882.

The basic obedience cues: Here (come to me), Heel (stay by my side), Sit (sit and stay), Down (down and stay), Kennel (get into or onto something), Leave It (leave something alone), Off (all paws on the ground), Quiet (no excessive noise), Focus (eye contact), Break! (you are free)

Trainer Options:

Micah is running our traditional basic obedience program. Cody is only taking one dog at a time and providing a more in depth training experience for your dog. If you want our traditional board and train program please select Micah in the form below. If you would like one of our more limited board and train experiences please select Cody in the form below. With any questions please text 509 866 6882. Thank you.

Micah Stalder

Cody Axthelm

great dane dog training


  1. 1
    Dog is at least 6 Months Old
  2. 2
    Dog is completely Potty Trained in a Crate 
  3. 3
    $200 Non-Refundable deposit to get on the schedule
  4. 4
    Half of the training balance is due on day 1, the second half is due before pickup


You are encouraged to visit your pup weekly during their stay. Ask us lots of questions! This is your time to learn more about handling your dog. Before your dog goes home, we will take the time to teach you everything your dog has learned and how to best handle your dog going forward. Feel free to text us anytime to setup your next visitation time.

What To Bring:

Your dog's food and a snug collar are the only items we need.


When working with dogs and humans, behavior cannot be guaranteed. Dogs are not robots. No matter how much work we put in or how well we train, life is still going to happen. That being said, much of your dog's long lasting results will be based on how well their learned behaviors are maintained. 
The truth is, finding a trainer who is experienced, personable, and uses positive, gentle methods is more important than a guarantee of a quick fix. Any ethical trainer will strive to work with you until your dog’s problems are solved, no price gauging involved. If you cooperate with us as we work with your dog and put in the time and effort to practice with your dog in a kind, consistent manner, not only will new skills be learned for you and your dog, but behavior problems get solved. With our training, you have the opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our focus in working with you and your dog is to teach your dog the basic obedience behaviors (meaning your dog's understanding of what is being asked is clear), transfer as much of that knowledge over to you as we can so that you feel equipped and confident to maintain your dog's obedience the rest of their life. I want you to be happy about the investment of training your dog and I'm willing to work with you to make that happen. 

Board & Train Application And

Service Agreement Form

It takes 7+ Minutes and an upload of Your dog's health records