The Desired Dog

The most comprehensive program for training your dog's obedience

for dogs 6 months and older

In this course you will go from feeling out of control when your dog doesn’t listen, to feeling confident in how to train your dog, and experience the desired dog you had hoped for.

A step-by-step proven method to obtain consistent obedience with your dog, no matter the distraction.

Before I tell you about this program, let's make sure It's a good fit for you and your dog

The Desired Dog is for dog owners like you: You have no shortage of ambition in having a well-behaved dog, but you are tired of unproductive training techniques. You are ready to be equipped with a practical training program that allows you to positively impact your dog's life, gain consistent obedience, and know how to approach your dog's future from any angle.

Whether you are…

  • A new dog owner who knows having a dog comes with great responsibility
  • A seasoned dog owner tired of not knowing all the training secrets the professionals know, and you want to train your dog the right way
  • A future dog owner ahead of the game, wanting to prepare to have the best relationship possible with your future dog

The Desired Dog is designed for dogs 6 months and older

If that's you and your dog, you are in the right place!

OUR TRAINING METHOD: A relationship based, balanced approach. We teach behaviors with positive reinforcement, we condition those behaviors with a balance of low-level pressure and rewards, and we maintain those behaviors through appropriate correction and reward. This leads to consistent obedience and a positive relationship. The Desired Dog will give you the tools, inspiration, and techniques on your journey to owning the desired dog you have always hoped for. And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling, my friend.)

It's Frustrating when your dog Doesn't Listen

Are you trying to stop unwanted behaviors?

Trying to get complete obedience the first time you ask?

Maybe you just want to build a solid training foundation and don't know how?

Any Of These Sound Familiar?

"Why can't I get my dog to stop going nuts every time someone comes to the door?"

"It's like sometimes I feel like my dog doesn't think I exist. My words just go in one ear and out the other."

"He's a good dog, he just doesn't listen."

"I'm not sure what to do at this point, I feel like I've failed both my dog and myself."

"She jumps up on everyone and I feel so embarrassed. What if she knocks a kid or elderly person over?"

"I've never owned a dog before. I just want to do it right the first time."

Nobody wants a dog that doesn't listen.You also don't want a dog that will only listen for a treat or only out of a sense of fear. That being said, wouldn't it be nice to have a dog who is obedient just for obedience sake? A dog that is motivated to learn and enjoys the process of obedience training? A dog with an understanding that obedience cues are not optional when it comes to their safety and others?

It would be nice to have a dog that comes when I call them no matter the distraction, will sit and stay until released, will lay down and stay until released, will be polite when meeting others out on the street or at home, will walk on a leash without pulling me all over the place, or will go to their kennel or bed when asked and stay there until released. Wow that would be nice!

"Obedient just for obedience sake." Sounds like a dream.

Each dog's demographics, handler history, and the owner's desired training outcome is all going to factor into how a dog is trained. So where do you and your dog fit into that equation? It would be nice to know where I can start with my dog right now, with enough information and instruction to keep us moving forward for the rest of my dog's life.

Don't Worry! There Is Hope for you and your dog.

We decided to put our Obedience board and train program into a digital course, making it more affordable and easily Accessible


The Desired Dog online course has been incredibly valuable in understanding each phase of training for our young Labrador. Cody's ability to illustrate his work with dogs as he's training them is most effective. The Desired Dog course has helped our pup go from being a wild and crazy guy to a dog that is civilized and a joy to have in our lives. I can't recommend the course highly enough.

Nancy G. & Wiley

I have a wonderful 7-year-old dog but we have been inconsistent with obedience and training over the years and had some areas I really wanted to work on and rebuild a foundation but didn’t know where to start. When I heard Cody was coming out with The Desired Dog it seemed to be just what we needed!
The lessons are easy to follow, complete at your own pace and even after a few short weeks have helped us both grow in confidence and trust. Cody is a wealth of information and has put together a highly professional and personable training course that is beneficial to humans and dogs at all stages of training and obedience!

Kiki L. & Grouter



The Desired Dog

In this course you will go from feeling out of control when your dog doesn’t listen, to feeling confident in how to train your dog, and experience The Desired Dog you had hoped for.

Plain and Simple: The Desired Dog changes the lives of dogs and owners for the better and it is officially open for enrollment. 

(But not for long...)

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This online course is comprised of video lessons on specific topics with examples and explanations of how to address each area with your dog. The course topics will be released over a series of weeks after you sign up. After going through the course material and applying it at home, you can expect to see the results listed below and more.


Use Our Successful Framework

Understanding the framework to working with your dog is preliminary to success in dog training. 


Build Trust With Your Dog

Your dog will learn to trust you and you will learn to trust your dog. 


Receive A Positive Education

We teach you how to engage your dog and make it enjoyable for them to learn. 


Experience A Gentle Approach

When it comes to guiding your dog through learned behaviors we take a very gentle approach.


Solidifying Learned Behaviors

Expanding your dog's collective understanding of what is being asked, we go beyond just the initial teaching stage.


Improve Your Dog's Entire Life

Taking a look at the larger picture of your dog's entire life and how you can address training in years to come.


Learn Appropriate Leadership

Your dog's perspective of you will be the key component in their response when asked to do or not do something.


Enjoy Adventures With Your Dog

We provide the information you need in order to go on enjoyable adventures with your dog.

Here’s what people are saying...

We find it important to share with you actual feedback from real people who have used our services. 

Misty P.

"A Game Changer"

This training was amazing for our 1year old Lab Koda. Cody is very professional and informative. 

Koda has learned obedience skills, socialization skills and it has helped with his behavior towards other dogs. This was a game changer for us. We needed the training to help Koda succeed.

Cody is patient and very positive and calm with all the dogs and is very knowledgeable. Koda is more independent and obedient. Cody gave us the knowledge and confidence  to continue this training. 

We highly recommend!

Lillian T.

"A Totally Different Dog"

My pup Cooper was pulling on the leash, jumping, and having a hard time listening. At the end of this training he was a totally different dog! Cody did an amazing job with this training. As I type this, Cooper is laying nicely in a spot while his favorite kitty walks around him. He also did really well at the beach with a ton of distractions around him. He is no longer jumping or pulling on the leash while walking with him! We are very pleased. Highly recommended!!

Brittany F.

"They came such a long way in such a short time."

I am so happy with the outcome of what we were able to accomplish in 6 weeks with my two young German Shepherds, Nitro and Ruger. They came such a long way in such a short time. I’m glad I found Gungho Dog Training. Definitely worth the investment.

I asked, "How is Willa after going through the training?"

What's In The Course?

There are 7 main modules to this course, each with a goal to reach the desired dog.


Module 1: Understanding Dog Training

Module Goal: To help you understand our approach towards training and the tools we can use for certain aspects of training. 


  • The 3 Stages of Training
  • The 4 Ways to Change Behavior
  • The 3 Ways to Teach New Behaviors
  • Explanation of Different Training Tools


Module 2: The Training Relationship

Module Goal: To set you and your dog's relationship up for success.


  • Build Trust Before You Teach
  • How to Teach "Focus"
  • Words to Mark Behaviors
  • Find Your Dog's Motivation
  • Your Personality and Character
  • An Ideal Training Session


Module 3: Teaching Obedience

Module Goal: For your dog to understand and complete all the basic obedience behaviors in low-distracting environments.


  • How to teach any behavior
  • Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called
  • Teaching Your Dog to get into or onto anything
  • Teaching your dog to sit and stay and to down and stay 


Module 4: Gentle Ecollar Introduction (Optional)

Module Goal: To gently introduce your dog to communication with an ecollar, whether that be the low-level electrical, vibrate, or tone function.


  • the 2 proper ways to use an ecollar
  • the 3 different functions of an ecollar and when/if to use them
  • How to gently introduce the ecollar to your dog


Module 5: Conditioning Obedience

Module Goal: For your dog to understand the importance of consistent obedience and to be gently guided through that process.


  • explaining what conditioning is
  • how to condition each obedience behavior


Module 6: Maintaining Obedience

Module Goal: To equip you to maintain consistent obedience from your dog.


  • how to move your dog from conditioning to maintaining
  • how to appropriately correct disobedience


Module 7: Stopping Unwanted Behaviors

Module Goal: To build a framework of how to stop unwanted behaviors.


  • Practical vs. trainable solutions
  • a positive only approach
  • addressing the issue behind the issue
  • Teach your dog the meaning of "Yes" and "no"
  • socialization, desensitization, counter conditioning
  • teaching the "Leave It" command
  • How to address unwanted behaviors with an ecollar
  • specific trainings on topics like: jumping, thresholds, Door reactivity, Play biting, mouthing, nipping at treats, barking and whining


Bonus Module 8: Leash Walking

Module Goal: To establish an enjoyable leash walking experience with your dog.


  • what leash and collar is right for you and your dog
  • how to teach the heel position
  • 5 exercises to establish a loose leash walk without pulling
  • how to teach an automatic sit when you stop walking


Enjoy these free bonuses included with the course! 

If you think the 50+ course lessons will make an impact on your dog's obedience, check out our amazing bonuses!

Bonus 1
Module 8: Leash Walking

Not everyone walks their dog on a leash, but we found it highly valuable to add a bonus module to the course on leash walking. 

This module will walk you through the step by step process for loose leash walking and the exact exercises we use to train our client dogs this highly valuable skill.

[$200] value
Bonus 2
Real Life Training Examples

In addition to the standard videos, there will be recorded training videos of actual sessions with different dogs.

A lot of customers have expressed how powerful a learning experience is when real-time demonstrations are available to see the work in action. 

[$250] value
Bonus 3
Professional Trainer Feedback

Each module of this course will have an optional graduation test. Share the progress your dog is making and receive feedback!

You get a professional dog trainer's stamp of approval on your work which gives you encouragement to keep moving forward. 

[$400] value
Bonuses Value $850 + online Course Value $500 = Total Value [$1350]
This video course is an online version of our in person board and train program which is valued from [$2800-$5600]

Your price today...

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The Desired Dog Video Course



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3 Monthly Payments

The Desired Dog Video Course


182 x 3

  • Lifetime Access 
  • All Future Updates
  • Core Bonuses
  • Progress Tracking

About Your Teacher,
Cody Axthelm

  • Cody Axthelm is the owner and primary dog trainer for Gungho Dogs LLC.
  • His family has been breeding AKC purebred Labrador Retrievers for over 38 years. 
  • He has trained over 500 dogs through this program.
  • He spent time working under other professional trainers, has trained his own dogs to high levels of obedience and hunting, and is excited to bring his wisdom and knowledge to you and your dog through this online course. 
  • He has a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and uses his psychology background, his faith background, and his dog training experience to foster the best relationships between owners and their dogs.
great dane dog training

Here’s what people are saying about Cody

Isabella O.

"Cody is amazing!"

Cody is amazing! He has been very professional and helpful. He has gone out of his way multiple times to provide guidance, resources, knowledge and more to help me in training my pup. His services are absolutely worth it; he boards, board/training, and provides online courses. 10/10 Recommend!

Brittany S.

"Focused and Compassionate"

We can’t speak highly enough about Gungho Dog Training. Cody is excellent at what he does. He is very focused and compassionate with his dogs. We felt like our dog was his dog.

Timothy R.

"Personable and Responsive"

Came all the way from California! Cody was personable and responsive from the start. I have a guilty feeling for loving my dog more after he trained with Cody. My GSP is loving the boundaries that we set along with freedom he has gained by establishing better trust, which has created a more fun and stimulated bond throughout our everyday activities.

Plus You'll be Backed by our 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If this was me back when I knew very little about dog training and I was considering investing nearly $500 in my education to improve my dog's obedience -- my scrolling fingers would fly down to this part of the page. I get it. 

You're not afraid to invest in your dog as long as it's a wise decision... and is 100% going to be worth it. Preferably sooner than later.

So here is why you can put your confidence in a money-back guarantee and set any enrollment nerves aside.

By the end of 30 days, you'll have received access to the first few modules of The Desired Dog. Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to establish a foundation for your relationship with your dog and your dog's obedience BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you are not totally confident and motivated by the initial materials in the course by 30 days after you purchase, simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have the time to train my dog?

Do you feed your dog? If the answer is "Yes" then you have time to train your dog. Take 5-10 minutes before you feed your dog to work on training once or twice a day. Yes a consistent 10 minutes a day of training can make a huge difference! 

What if my dog is already really obedient? 

The Desired Dog focuses on basic obedience skills, which we haven't found a dog that wouldn't benefit from having. If your dog is already at a high obedience level there might still be some nuggets of information in this course you hadn't thought of. We want to give you a well rounded approach to training your dog and even our clients with advanced obedience have still been able to gain knowledge from what we have to offer. 

Can't I just watch Youtube and learn on my own? 

A complete training program will do a more efficient job at giving you all the information you need in order and in one package without advertisements. Sure you can watch Youtube videos and read articles, but pieces will be missing and it's best to learn in order of progression which is how we have structured the modules in this course.

What if the course is too expensive?

We have purposely priced the course to be affordable and reflect the value given inside the course. This course is an online version of our board and train program which is typically $2800-$5600. Checkout our payment plan to start the course for a lower cost. 

What if my dog has behavior problems like aggression? 

Although this course is not focused on aggression or behavioral modification, learning proper basic obedience training is only going to help your situation with your dog. This course is the foundation to build with your dog before you try to modify behaviors. In addition to this course please contact a canine behavioralist who can work with you one-on-one to address behavioral modification.

What dog breeds is this course for?

The principles in this course are foundational and can be applied to any dog breed. As we stress in all of our training material, we are relationship focused. Pay attention to your dog and train them as you see them progressing the fastest and still loving the process. This course is designed with options to choose from. If one option doesn't fit your dog then don't use it and try a different option. We do our best inside the course to explain your options and point you in the right direction for you and your dog. 

A one-time payment

The Desired Dog Video Course



  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Updates
  • Core Bonuses
  • Progress Tracking
3 Monthly Payments

The Desired Dog Video Course


182 x 3

  • Lifetime Access 
  • All Future Updates
  • Core Bonuses
  • Progress Tracking

Still on the fence?

If you're thinking, "This sounds amazing but I'm still not 100% sure" keep reading...

You should give The Desired Dog a 30-day risk free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

You know it's your responsibility to give your dog the best life possible.
It's pretty easy to assume we all want the best for our dogs. However, far too often people get a dog without realizing the responsibility. Too many dog owners have given up, and we can't be part of that crowd. It's time to take responsibility to provide a great life for our dog and be the best owners we can be, sticking to our commitment when we first said yes to bringing them into our home.
You want the stress from your dog not listening to be gone. BADLY.
Let's be honest, dog's are one of the most wonderful parts of life and can also be one of the most stressful. The difference all comes down to training and you and I both know things don't always come easy in life. In order to maintain a more peaceful life with your dog something has to change, and today that change is being offered to you right here in this course.
You realize putting this off now is not the answer and it's time to put in the work. 
This doesn't mean you aren't a little nervous when you think about clicking the buy button to invest in you and your dog's incredibly promising future. But it does mean that you are fully aware that now is the best time to buy this course but only YOU can decide to make that decision. For what it's worth, there is no better time to invest in your dog other than yesterday.

Chat With Cody

Whenever I'm about to make a big decision, the most comforting thing is to run it by someone. Who would be better to talk to than the person who created this course and knows exactly what is inside it? Please feel free to ask Cody any questions to know whether this opportunity is right for you.

I'm blowing the whistle.

This is your chance to join 

The Desired Dog, friend.

So what's it gonna be?

Will you put your trust in me and the program that's helped over 500 of my clients have the desired dog they had hoped for? These dogs and their owners have established a solid obedience foundation which has built mutual trust, increased their freedom in life, reduced the stress in their home, and made life so much more enjoyable now with their trusted loyal companion. You have a 30-day risk free trial, and the decision is all yours. It's time to take the next step and start the path toward the desired dog. See you inside the course!

A one-time payment

The Desired Dog Video Course



  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Updates
  • Core Bonuses
  • Progress Tracking
3 Monthly Payments

The Desired Dog Video Course


182 x 3

  • Lifetime Access 
  • All Future Updates
  • Core Bonuses
  • Progress Tracking